minimal /ˈmɪnɪm(ə)l/ adjective.

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I recently moved back to England and into my old house where my bedroom hadn’t changed since I was about 7. I’m now 21 years old and sorry dad but as much as I loved (not) climbing up a ladder into my ‘captains bed’ (ahoy!) every night, it was definitely time to redecorate my bedroom. I was entering a new chapter in my life, a fresh start, so what better time to transform the nest into somewhere I’d feel comfortable and at my most relaxed/vegetative state possible (verging on comatose).


We had to do about 5 layers of white paint to try and cover the hideous pink and purple walls, my captains bed was dismantled and thrown in the skip, and unfortunately as my room is quite small I had to make the heartbreaking decision between more wardrobe space OR a double bed. (I know </3) Of course the double bed won (comatose, remember). One decision in my life that I do come to find myself thinking about from time to time as I desperately try to squeeze everything into this pencil case of a wardrobe praying it’d turn into some sort of Tardis. I know what you’re thinking, that’s a good way to stop yourself from buying so many clothes, to keep your wardrobe minimal, with basic interchangeable pieces. Nope. No. No. No. I also thought this then quickly realised my mind works like this… “oh well”.

After a few trusty trips to IKEA, Tiger (Scandinavians do it best for minimalism) EtsyDunelm and a lot of time spent on Pinterest my bedroom was coming together.  I can be a little OCD sometimes (Sometimes = I choose when and where) and when my living space is cluttered and messy so is my headspace. My boyfriend will understand this as his room drives me mad. (Why do men like to collect so much crap?) I like to keep things as clean, fresh and basic as possible. Sometimes minimalist spaces can look too untouched and more like show homes so I was sure to add a personal touch with all my golden oldie photos plastered on my wardrobe.


As you can see from my photos, the clothes “displayed nicely” probably just didn’t fit into my wardrobe that day. If my wardrobe was in the film Narnia it would just lead you to a sewer with Donald Trump to greet you. I spent a while thinking about a bedside table, I have a lot of different shades of wood (ooh err) in my room and every table I looked at didn’t seem to work. So when your nan buys 20p Vogue for you from her local library, collect them and make a bedside table. I made some last touches and framed some simple but timeless artwork by Design Butler. And voilá!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Lucky bamboo – IKEA
Cacti – IKEA
Long white shelves – IKEA
Short white shelves – IKEA
Black & White photo frames – IKEA
Wooden storage box – IKEA
Cardboard boxes – IKEA
Mirrors pack of 4 (I bought 4 packs) – IKEA
‘Patchwork print’ – Design Butler
Wallpaper (similar) – John Lewis
Sheepskin rug – DUNELM
Mini easel & canvas – TIGER
Spice jar – TIGER
Hexagonal candle holder – IKEA (can’t find online)
Black & White glass bottle – IKEA (can’t find online)






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