Spain /’speɪn/ noun.

Like I mentioned in my last post (or if you don’t already know…) I recently moved back to the UK after living in Spain (Andalucía) for 10 years. I get asked time and time again “what on earth were you thinking moving back?!” And as much as I love the country, unfortunately the relaxed lifestyle was a little too relaxed for me. I don’t think people understand that living there and going there on holiday is a little (lottle) different. Don’t get me wrong, the people are really friendly, the food is yummy and it’s a fairly easy way of living. It’s a beautiful place to live with amazing landscapes, but sadly the views and friendly people weren’t enough, I needed to be somewhere with more happening with more opportunities for me and my future. That being said, luckily my mum and step dad still live out there so I often get the opportunity to escape the busy and hectic life I once craved (ironic hey?).

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July this year I decided to take 10 days off work to go home and see my family, my cats, have some time to relax, eat my body weight in gambas pil-pil (garlic prawns), have more mojito in my bloodstream than blood and to burn my now almost grey skin to a crisp. I spent the first few days adjusting to the heat, you’d think after living there 10 years I’d remember how hot the summer is (my fan became my best friend, or should I say…I became its biggest fan lolz) I’m fortunate that my mum lives about a 10 minute walk from the beach (not that I walked, I know she’s reading this). Thankfully I didn’t go at the height of holiday season so the beaches were fairly tourist free and I didn’t have to head lock anyone for a sun bed.


After 7 days my boyfriend flew out to join me for the remaining 3/4 days. He’s been out to Spain with me twice before, both times in the cooler months so I was intrigued to see how he’d cope with the heat (and mosquitos) seeing as though he cries when it’s about 20 degrees in the UK. In his defence he took it well and rarely moaned, the amount of mojitos we were drinking every day though I’m sure we’d just been desensitised.


I wish I could say that about my skin too…Let me tell you something, I do not tan, I burn. I learned this from countless summers trying to force a tan, I’ve now come to terms with the fact I should embrace my irish skin. I lather myself in factor 30 making sure I don’t miss a millimetre of skin because when I burn I B.U.R.N. But of course, I managed to and I evolved into a rare walking strawberry. Now, if you’ve ever been on holiday when it’s already 1293278487 degrees and you then also burn yourself and then ALSO have to sleep with a living and breathing oven (why are men’s body temperatures that of a woman going through menopause???) I really feel for you and we need our own support group.


We spent one day visiting El Balcón de Europa (The balcony of Europe) in Nerja, you’ll understand its name when you see the pictures (sadly the waist high ‘safety barrier’ over looking the huge rocks is a top hit for the suicidal). It’s a lovely town with captivating views, stunning beaches, lively bars, touristy shops and restaurants. We found a bar called Cochran’s which had panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea. We set up camp and chilled here for a while drinking (you guessed it) mojitos and sangria then later strolled around absorbing the atmosphere.


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If you ever visit Southern Spain you need to visit the city of Málaga, I didn’t get to take many photos but I’d definitely recommend it. Whether you visit the port, the main shopping street Calle Larios or if you just want to mooch around their art museums I guarantee a fun and inspiring day out. We (I) decided to hit the shops, I was determined to fill my case with purchases from Zara and Mango (much to my boyfriends joy), being Spanish brands the prices are a lot cheaper than in the UK.


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Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetWe had a perfect, relaxing little trip, I enjoy showing Ethan (my boyfriend) round where I grew up, although I don’t consider myself Spanish or even Spanglish, after living almost half my life here I do feel it’s my second home. I’m so very lucky to be able to travel back here whenever I want (when easyjet remember they’re easyjet not BA dahling).

But that’s all for now, hope you enjoyed this post, hasta la vista…baby!
*starts creating sunburn anonymous support group*





One thought on “Spain /’speɪn/ noun.

  1. What a lovely read Josie, so glad you enjoyed ‘going home’ for a few weeks. Den and I really miss living in the sun but not the unbearable summer heat!


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