How to make a shirt less masculine.

In this blog post I’m going to show you my favourite ways I like to style a simple crisp white shirt. I really love the idea of gender free shopping and while shirts are normally quite a manly piece there are ways in which you can style things to suit your personal style and taste. In my eyes a white shirt should be a staple piece in everybody’s wardrobe, this one item of clothing can bring you many, many outfits. It’s considered a very masculine piece that should only (if ever) be worn by a woman in an office environment, but pair it with some skinny jeans and stilettos and it instantly becomes more sexy. As much as I love androgynous style I like to balance it with a slice of femininity too. I’m going to show you a couple of ways to wear and style a shirt to make it less masculine. If you’re intrigued, keep orrrn reading…

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If you’ve read my “Transition your favourite slip dress into Autumn/Fall” post then you will know how much I love to layer a slip dress. This is the perfect way to make a shirt look less masculine, especially in this dusty pink satin & lace number. I open the buttons a fair few down so that I can pull the shirt over my shoulders and create a bardot effect, I think showing off the décolletage and collar bone area gives a nice subtle slither of sexiness without going OTT and adds a great feminine twist to how you’d usually wear a shirt.
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I’ve been seeing shirts worn back to front everywhere recently and I have to say, at first I was thinking “here we go, next it will be shoes worn on opposite feet” but I’m starting to really warm to the crazy idea of it. Not only does it show off a woman’s back but gives a really fun angle to wearing a typical shirt. I believe the simplest of pieces and how they’re worn can give more of an impact than the most outlandish ones, you also have more to play around with. In this case I’ve just opened up the what would be front of the shirt (now back) and tied the bottom in a knot to synch in the waist. I’d keep the rest of the outfit simple with some black skinny jeans and heeled boots.
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If you just want to wear the shirt normally you can pair with some light wash ripped denim jeans, I love the look of mom jeans best but can look equally as nice with skinny jeans, this gives a really nice casual but still smart and put together vibe. I have styled it with some suede mules and a matching lace bralet on top for added edge and to bring the colours together. I really like that the lace is very girly, the jeans are baggy and ripped and the shirt is very crisp and smart but all elements really work well together.

That’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed this really simple yet effective style guide, don’t forget to like/comment if you’d like to see more like this…



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