Visual diaries: Fashion // Deconstruction.

If you read my last Visual Diaries post on Minimalistic Interior (or if you haven’t, click here) you’ll know that it’s a new section on my blog that I have decided to try out. While studying Fashion Design at university I tried to live by the quote I once read by Giorgio Armani – “To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail“.

I began to collect images I found of fashion details or garment deconstruction either scrolling through Pinterest, Tumblr or flicking through magazines. It’s easy to design and create garments but to make them unique is the hard part, sometimes the tiniest detail can make such an impact. However, let’s be honest, these days most leading designers get ‘inspired’ by others and I’ve even heard stories of them going to university graduate shows to ‘be inspired’ or ‘imitate’ these young fresh and original designs. Everyone is inspired by something/someone, and that’s fine! But to directly reproduce something is not. You’ll have times where classmates or strangers will copy but as long as you know that what you’re doing is yours and something you have created then that’s something. Cheats and copies will never experience the feeling of being genuinely proud of their work and that’s a darn shame because it’s wonderful.

My point is, do your research, find images you love and designs you’re INSPIRED by but add a twist, keep your integrity and be original. If you have a style, stay true to it, make sure the concept behind your designs are authentic, most importantly try not to get overwhelmed with deadlines and take the easy route (easier said I know) because quality is always better than quantity. In the long run it will pay off, that tiny thing that you think no one will notice you will notice, every single time you look at it. Don’t become lazy because it will show in your work, if you’re going to create something then make a pact with yourself to create something you will be proud of now, tomorrow and in years to come. We need more originality!

I definitely went off on a tangent in this post but if you enjoyed it or got some inspiration from the images i’ve collected over the years then please like/comment/share as usual!



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