Cruisin’ – Part two // Italy.

Hey everyone, I’m back as promised with this weeks post which is part two from the cruise, Italy! If you haven’t read part one and would like to then just click here. I love Italy and have previously had the opportunity to visit Rome, Venice, Verona and a small part of Turin (after getting severely lost up a mountain in the car), it was so nice to be able to see more of this beautiful country. We traveled up the west coast from Civitavecchia (try and say that after a few drinks), up to La Spezia and then making a final stop in Savona.

After leaving Barcelona we spent a day at sea where we then docked in the port of Civitavecchia which is a short train journey away from Rome but since we’d already been we thought we’d have a look round the town instead.
To be honest there wasn’t a lot to see, we wondered for a while and had a look inside the Cathedral Di San Francesco, we also came across a street of random shops and had a mooch but that was about it. Sorry for the anti-climax! (it gets better don’t worry). 16229827_10154475677333472_804591534_o
We headed back to the ship and that evening we began our journey up to La Spezia. We left the ship quite early that morning as we had an excursion planned to Cinque Terre which I was really excited about. 16145774_10154475675288472_264480493_o
If you don’t know what Cinque Terre is it’s basically a chain of 5 centuries-old seaside villages on the coastline. In each of the towns, colorful houses and vineyards cling to steep terraces. There is a hiking trail which links the 5 villages however we only visited one of them, Riomaggiore.  16237626_10154475675283472_2115985641_nWe walked from the port, through the town of La Spezia and up the shopping street towards the train station. We then got a train (London needs to get double decker trains like Italy by the way) to Riomaggiore which was only about 10 to 15 minutes away. 16196770_10154475674953472_357415640_o
We literally stepped off the train, walked round the corner and down through a weird tunnel and out the other end we came out at the picture below which is the harbor and start of all the beautiful coloured houses. 16176222_10154475675058472_606904735_n
It was like an Italian version of Balamory. You could walk down and round the edge of the cliff onto the rocks to get an amazing view, we were so lucky that the weather was nice as the day before it was pouring down. I was in a T-shirt in December and still sweating (not to mention we also trecked up a million steps), that’s why I love Southern Europe and need to move to Italy A$AP. 16237936_10154475677328472_2023530324_n
We walked up a million steps…16237683_10154475674968472_1379001831_n
…and down a million steps16237164_10154475674813472_762531683_n…and then back up a million steps only to come down a million more. We’d worked up such an appetite we didn’t think we’d be able to make it back to the ship without dying of hunger so we stopped in a little focaccia bread cafe where I had a cheesey/pesto focaccia-ness of heaven. 16237130_10154475674818472_1887540271_n
The next day we woke up to this amazing view below, the second best part of any cruise (after food of course) are the views you get to open your curtains to in the morning (if you get a window).16229579_10154475674783472_2019453945_o
This was beautiful Savona, we had a pretty relaxed day and popped out to walk around the port and to see the Fortezza del Priamar. I bought some souvenirs for friends and family at home (including willy pasta) then made it back onto the ship for lunch. 16145658_10154475674793472_390122970_o
I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did please like, share and leave your comments below. Until next time where I’ll have another travel post up on Paris!



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