Yes, Si, OUI!


Bonjour! I’m back with my final travel post (until I get a chance to escape again). My boyfriend surprised me and booked a long weekend away to Paris for my Christmas/2 year anniversary present. This was my first time in Paris so we did all the touristy bits but I’d love to go back and scout down some cool restaurants and bars etc. I hope you enjoy and get a good feel for our time there.


Day one, we had a very early start (4am) and a very grumpy Ethan (the boyfriend), we ended up getting to our hotel around 11am after our taxi driver got us lost and made us walk in the end (even grumpier Ethan). We stayed in an area called La defense which was like the Canary Wharf of Paris and all the buildings looked exactly the same, spotting out our hotel was like Where’s Wally. After finding our bearings (or google maps) we managed to locate our hotel and once we stepped inside all our troubles seemed so farrrr awayyy. We stayed in the beautiful Melia La Defense hotel which was situated directly next to the metro station. (If you’re thinking of booking a weekend away I definitely recommend this hotel).

Unfortunately we couldn’t settle into our room until 2pm so we dropped our bags and had a look around the area. We initially decided to head towards the Grande Arche de la Defense but came across a big shopping centre called Quatre Temps on the way where security was tighter than a nuns…yh. Bag checks before you enter each shop became a bit tedious for an avid shopper like myself, nevertheless I managed to hunt down a Zara and a Sephora (luckily Ethan and I made previous agreements before the trip that he couldn’t get annoyed with me shopping).

We headed back to the hotel 2pm sharpish as we were so eager to see our room (and nap), we weren’t disappointed, the shower was huge, the bed was huge and there was a telephone next to our toilet (goals). We scrubbed up and went back out in the evening to a Vapiano we’d spotted nearby earlier that day. Afterwards we had a few cocktails on the rooftop bar of our hotel where we had amazing views of Paris and the Eiffel Towel, we then floated back downstairs to our room for an early night.

Day two, we got up early, mainly because we decided not to include breakfast at the hotel so we were hungry, €20 each per day was a bit much so we bought a big bag of croissants from a local supermarche. We made tracks to the Arc de Triomphe and walked down Avenue Champs-Elysées for some window shopping and more croissants.

We decided to take a stroll along the Seine River towards the Eiffel Tower, it started to rain so we went to find shelter and came across a random little pizza restaurant. There we grabbed some lunch where we payed €8 each for a shot of Bailey’s (still doesn’t beat my £9 shot in Leicester Square). On that note we decided to head back to the hotel to relax (ourselves and our wallets) before heading back out again in a few hours that evening.


After having an hour or two in the hotel to chill we wrapped up warm and decided to go to the area of Notre Dame to a restaurant recommended to us called Le Paradis Du Fruit. We indulged in fruity curries (sounds weird but it was nice) and a mojito or two. This was also the night that we had a bottle of wine in our room but forgot a cork screw (school boy error) so I attempted to open it with my house key (out of all the keys) and it snapped in half. Note to self: just call room service.


Day three, our last day : ( our flight wasn’t until the evening, however we had to check out of our room by 12pm so we had a lie in, packed, dropped our bags off and checked out. I wanted to visit at least one museum while we were there so we went to Le Centre Pompidou.


If you go to any main attractions/museums in Paris and you’re 18-25 and live in the EU remember to take your passport with you because you get discount. We decided to get the free pass to see the permanent art instead of paying for an exhibition (defo pay for an exhibition).


There were 2 floors, the first was all modern art (yawn) and the second was contemporary (meh). We tried our best to get into it and the contemporary art was better but we weren’t feeling it. The building itself was amazing though and the area was nice so we grabbed some lunch and left.

Although we had whizzed past the Eiffel Tower the day before we wanted to be proper tourists and go up it so we headed there for the afternoon. I think we payed €5 each and decided to climb the stairs (you can’t say you went up the Eiffel Tower but you took the lift now can you?)

We got there at the perfect time as the sun started to set and we had panoramic views of Paris. Although we were out of breath/dying/slightly delirious from walking up so many stairs it was so pretty and the perfect way to end our trip.


I hope you enjoyed this post, hopefully I’ll have another little trip pphylanned soon. If you’re enjoying the travel posts please like/comment below and don’t forget to share…until next time.




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