The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plane.


Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! It’s really been a while since I’ve posted and due to some unforeseen circumstances I’ve been away longer than I’d have liked. However, during this rather vacant period I have been over to Spain which means I have another travel post for you all! *envisions huge applause*
If you haven’t read my previous travel posts to Spain or are just genuinely unaware, I did used to live in Spain for 10 years and recently moved back to the UK in 2015. (I know what you’re thinking…Is she actually mad?) Luckily for me my parents still live out there so I do get the opportunity to go back there whenever I want really and with flights as cheap as £50 return it’s almost rude not to go right?


They currently live in the province of Malaga which is in Southern Spain with the best climate in Europe *hurray!* (does sunburn still counts as a tan?) I’m so fortunate to have the opportunity to go to this beautiful country whenever I want and I love to go back there just to getaway from hectic London and life in general, it’s my sanctuary. It was so lovely to have some girly time with my mum, (I currently live in a very male orientated household, even my cats are boys ffs) we went shopping one day, ate, relaxed on the beach another day, ate, went to a spa, ate and went for dinner to…eat. Baring in mind this was my home for 10 years, I do sometimes find myself doing the same things, visiting the same places/restaurants etc. I’m not complaining though, eating gambas pil-pil on the beach with a mojito every day isn’t bad at all.


Working in London you do get caught up and forget there’s life outside the jungle of concrete, pollution, overcrowded trains and grumpy old men in suits that you’re constantly swamped by every day. Each time I go to Spain (without sounding too cliché) I feel like it’s the only time I can actually breathe and relax. (Could also be the gallon of mojitos in my system) I came back to London feeling lighter and re-energised.

I hope you enjoyed this post, please share if you did and I’d love to read some of your comments. I’m hoping to change up my blog slightly and so you may see a slight difference in content from here on but I’m confident you’ll still enjoy what I have in mind.




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