Visual diaries: Interior // Minimalistic.

Today’s post is the first of a new section on my blog called ‘Visual Diaries’. I’m a very visual person and when I’m browsing through Tumblr I love collecting images and grouping them into various categories (I do also actually have a life). Whether that be wide groups of Interior, Architecture & Fashion or smaller more specific groups like Fashion details (e.g pockets) or Geometric Architecture etc.
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Easy Halloween Make up.

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Here’s a quick step by step tutorial on how to achieve this Halloween SFX Make up without using latex. This was my first attempt so it’s not perfect and a few things need adjusting! Once you know the technique it’s so simple and you can do all sorts of cuts and wounds in different places.

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5 Things To Do Before Summer’s Over.

I write this blog as I look out the window and it’s raining like a cow relieving itself. Summer is flying by and if like me you’re working I’m sure you started thinking back in May about all the things you wanted to do and achieve by the end of Summer. The weather in the UK is very temperamental so trying to plan anything in advance and booking time off is hard in itself. You just have to hope that God is on your side and the days off that you do have, happen to fall on those very few days where the weather is nice. I read countless amounts of blogs, desperately searching for fun and interesting things to do over summer and I’m fed up of seeing the same old “go to the zoo” or “have a picnic” or “visit the London eye”. So here is a list of 5 DIFFERENT things (ooh pressure) I’ve been wanting to do before Summer ends, some weather permitting, some not (we are in England after all)…

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Spain /’speɪn/ noun.

Like I mentioned in my last post (or if you don’t already know…) I recently moved back to the UK after living in Spain (Andalucía) for 10 years. I get asked time and time again “what on earth were you thinking moving back?!” And as much as I love the country, unfortunately the relaxed lifestyle was a little too relaxed for me. I don’t think people understand that living there and going there on holiday is a little (lottle) different. Don’t get me wrong, the people are really friendly, the food is yummy and it’s a fairly easy way of living. It’s a beautiful place to live with amazing landscapes, but sadly the views and friendly people weren’t enough, I needed to be somewhere with more happening with more opportunities for me and my future. That being said, luckily my mum and step dad still live out there so I often get the opportunity to escape the busy and hectic life I once craved (ironic hey?).

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