Cook with me – Chicken, Prawn, Lime & Mango Summer Salad.

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! This week I have something different to share. I love to experiment with my cooking and whenever I have a day spare or if I’m bored I find myself in the kitchen seeing what I can whip up! I made this last night for dinner and had to share it as it was amazzzzzzing and so easy. Keep reading if you want to try something different this weekend.
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Stepping into Summer.

summer shoes

Aloha and welcome back to my blog! This week I have a brand new post on some Statement Summer Shoes (say that without spitting).Β What better way to step into Summer than in a beautiful new pair?
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Autumn/Winter Lookbook.

The colder months are upon us! *Read in Jon Snow’s voice* Winter…is…coming. Β This season is my favourite in terms of Fashion and styling,Β I love to layer and play around with different shapes, silhouettes, textures of fabric and the desaturated shades and colours that tend to appear at this time of year. Here are 3 outfits I’m going to be rotating throughout this Autumn/Winter, I hope you get some inspiration!
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